10 interesting facts about Spain

interesting facts about spain

is an incredible country with amazing culture and history. Whether you’re
planning a trip to Spain or you’ve been again and again, here are some
interesting facts about this country:

1. Olive Oil

Did you know that Spain produces almost half of the world’s olive oil? There’s a
reason why it’s often known as ‘liquid gold,’ in fact Italy imports most of its
olive oil from Spain.

2. Language

Close to 500 million people speak Spanish as their native or first language. This
makes Spanish one of the most important languages to learn, especially if
you’re considering a trip to Spain.

However, Spain has four official languages, including Catalan, Castilian, Bsque, and

3. Football

The Spaniards love football, and Real Madrid is the world’s richest football club.
They turnover more than 604 million euro each year, and are worth more than 2.5
billion. FC Barcelona’s stadium is the largest privately owned stadium in the
world, and also well worth a visit.

4. Religion

This country used to be 98% Roman Catholic, and 74% of the population still
identifies with this today. However only 36% say they’re practising Catholics.

5. Shopping

People in Spain love to shop, and there are plenty of places to do it. One of the best
is Portal del Angel, a shopping street which is completely pedestrianised and
sees 3,000 pedestrians each hour of
each day. The rents here reflect how busy it is.

6. Islands

Spain is more than just the mainland- it also includes many different islands,
including many in the Canary Islands, along with Gran Canaria, Ibiza, Tenerife,
and Mallorca.

7. Subway

The Madrid subway is an excellent way to get around- for both locals and tourists.
It’s the sixth largest subway system in the world and the second largest
underground subway in Europe.

8. Home ownership

In Spain, owning a house is very important, and Spain has some of the highest home
ownership rates in the world- with 80% of Spanish households owning at least
one property.

9. Constitutional Monarchy

Spain is one of the world’s oldest constitutional monarchies. The former king of
Spain, King Juan Carlos I became king after ruthless dictator General Franco
died in 1975. He abidicated to his son.

10. World Heritage Site

Anoter reason why Spain is so fun to travel? The country has 47 World Heritage Sites.
These include buildings, historic cities, rock art, landscapes, national parks,
and bridges.

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