4 Thoughtful Gifts to Give Family This Holidays

With Christmas around the corner, if you’ve not already finished your Christmas shopping then chances are you’re frantically searching for ideas. When buying for a family member, I tend to prefer gifts that are really thoughtful and that you know will improve their lives whether through supporting them with a hobby or by making their daily lives easier. For this reason, I’ve come up with 4 thoughtful gift ideas to give your family members this year. 

1. Support Their Hobbies
Buying for someone’s hobby is the easiest way to get a gift you’re sure they’ll love and use. If your sister, for example, is really into yoga, why not buy her a new yoga mat, gift a gift card for her favorite yoga store or even pay for a monthly pass at her favorite studio. If your dad likes crossbows, why not make that his gift by looking into buying the best crossbow package. Buying for someone’s hobby shows you care and pay attention to their interests, but also helps them experience it in a new way!

2. In-Home Care
If your family members are getting older and losing some of their independence, it can be nice to give them some kind of in-home care. This allows them to live in their own home which they know and love but allows them to have the support to be comfortable doing so. Spectrum Health Care has a variety of packages to suit many budgets, which will allow you to find the perfect gift for your loved ones. 

3. Bucket List Activity
I think activities and experiences make such great gifts, as it’s something that creates memories. You can choose something to do together, such as skydiving, or something that they may do alone. Try to think about something they’ve always wanted to do, but just haven’t made a reality. Bucket list activities do tend to be a little expensive, so if it’s outside your budget, it may be worth collaborating with someone else to fund the gift. 

4. A New Book
I love receiving books as gifts, especially when it’s something that’s particularly relevant to my life stage or something I’ve been itching to read. My favorite genre to read is actually self-help, but of course, the type of gift that would be appreciated depends on their interests. We’ve become so used to digital life for staying in touch and working, that having an actual physical book to read can feel like a treat. 

Hopefully, these gift ideas inspire you to find a great gift! Looking for a new CRM system? Check out BluRoot

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