If you’re like most people, one of the main ways you probably catch up with your
friends is over food. While this can be a good way to socialize, it can be bad
for your budget and even worse if you’re trying to lose weight.

Here are some fun things you can do that don’t involve making reservations:

1. Get moving

If you’re hoping to get more healthy this year, while still being social and
catching up with good friends, why not combine the two?

Whether this means joining a gym and going together before or after work, or trying out
a bunch of discounted classes, this can be an awesome way to get in shape for
summer, commit to your health, and make sure you’re up to date with what’s
happening in your friends’ lives.

Other options? Go for a jog or walk together, do sprints in the park, or sign up for
a 5km or even half marathon together to keep each other on track.

2. Make it a spa day

There are few things more fun than a spa day, especially if you and your friends are
feeling stressed or burnt-out from work. If you can’t quite afford an actual
spa, make it happen at home. Get everyone to bring face masks, nail polish, and
everything else you need, and take turns giving each other manicures and

To really go all out, and host a clothing swap. Get everyone to bring over clothes
they don’t wear anymore, and make it a party. Do some swapping and you’ll end
up with some new clothes.

3. Have a sleepover

Remember how fun sleepovers used to be when you were kids? They’re still just as fun.
Get a few of your favorite friends together to eat junk food, watch bad movies,
and catch up about everything that’s going on about your lives. Finish the
night with a homemade brunch.

4. Have a games night

Games nights are so much more fun than you’d think they would be. Get everyone to
bring some drinks and their favorite board games. If you have more than five
people, sort people into teams, just be sure to continually mix it up so you
can have time with everyone.

Not a fan of board games? Go old school with charades and campfire stories.

5. Make it a picnic

With the weather heating up, there’s no better time than to get a big blanket, and
ask everyone to bring something delicious to eat. Find a nice park, spread out,
and enjoy a few drinks this weekend.