China’s weight loss secret pu’erh tea

China's weight loss secret pu'erh tea

Hoping to lose weight? You may need to learn about pu’erh tea. This tea is from the Camellia sinensis plant, and has numerous health benefits. In fact, it’s cultivated exclusively in China (the Yunnan province), and has a number of health and weight loss benefits that you should be aware of.

This tea has been touted as a great tool for weight loss for many years. In fact, its ability to help us shed pounds and burn fat has made it a must amongst millions of Chinese people who are well aware of its weight-loss properties.

If you drink pu’erh tea at the right times, your body will be better able to metabolize fat. According to proponents of this tea, drinking it one hour after a meal will help remove excess grease from your meal, and help you eliminate the hard-to-digest fats that are left over.

It’s said that this tea helps give you energy, which is naturally going to also help you lose weight since you’ll be more active (and more likely to go to that early-morning spin class.) Pu’erh tea helps increase your digestion, which means that the movement of fat from your stomach to your colon is accelerated- meaning it has less time to be absorbed by your body.

Not only is this tea good for promoting weight loss, but it’s also an excellent substitute if you tend to drink sugary drinks. It also has a positive effect on inflammation and oxidative stress, which can benefit your bone health- helping to lower your risk of fractures and osteoporosis.

This tea also helps promote a healthy heart, producing lovastatin, which is used to treat high cholesterol. For people who are wanted to detox, pu’erh tea helps increase blood flow, deliver more oxygen to your brain, and reduce the free radicals that can cause weight gain and illness.

Not only does it suppress the synthesis of fatty acids, but this, in turn, helps your body to produce high levels of fat. Of course, this still means that you need to be eating healthy foods and exercising regularly, but pu’erh tea may be the secret you need to kickstart weight loss and get the most out of your healthy eating plan.

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