Convert Your Barn Into a Functional Space With These 5 Remodeling Ideas

A barn is a perfect blank canvas to work with. Where beams and timbers are revealed, you have instant character – the job is simply to remodel it into a usable space. Both contemporary and traditional approaches will work, but a combination of the two will do it justice.

Converting a barn into a usable space is one of the best ways to experience all the pleasures of country living while utilizing its space for other functions. By preserving the original materials, shape, or structure, you will add beauty, character, and new purpose to the otherwise light-filled and empty shed.

Here are five remodeling ideas to get inspiration from.

Turn It Into a Guest Bedroom

Building a guest house out of your barn is a good idea, especially if you like entertaining guests during the holidays or if your family often comes to visit. Before you begin this project, make sure to consult with your local government to see what you are permitted to have in your yard and whether you may need a permit. A full guest house with water and electricity may be prohibited in certain places.

If the barn is close to the main house and has access to a bathroom, you can just create a cozy sleeping space and keep your bedroom conversion project simple. Put a queen size bed with comfortable bedding, add a fluffy rug, and install floating shelves to save space on the floor.

Other facilities to consider include a storage solution for the guests’ clothes and toiletries, a nightstand by the bed, a mini-refrigerator, and a TV.

Home-Based Classroom

A separate room for studying or teaching online, similar to having a separate home office to operate in, will go a long way. If you teach online classes or are homeschooling by necessity or preference, converting a barn into a classroom is a simple way to make the experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

You can designate a workspace for different subjects you study or teach. Make the space more vibrant by decorating it with soft rugs or bean bags, putting modern farmhouse signs on the wall, building a mini-library, and using space-friendly storage solutions to store all of your learning materials.

Making this dedicated learning area adds excitement to classes, and besides, who doesn’t enjoy shopping for school and classroom supplies?

A “His/Her” Space

By turning your barn into a personal space, you can build an oasis for when you need to destress and relax. Your personality and hobbies will influence how you develop it.

Got an artistic bent? Set up a canvas and easel. Do you enjoy reading? Make your shed into a mini-library by stocking it with your favorite books as well as a couple of novels you’ve been meaning to read.

A personal space reflects your interests while also serving as a storage space for all of your prized belongings.

Storage Workshop

If you enjoy outdoor activities, DIY projects, lawn and garden work, or a combination of the three, you can turn your shed into a usable storage area.

Keeping your gear organized is important, especially when you have several interests or have a growing family. The first step in converting a barn is to add a workbench and plenty of storage space. Using wall peg boards and wall hooks, tools should be stored at readily accessible heights.

Buy or create a storage rack for any sports equipment and hang items such as kayaks, bicycles, or surfboards. Athletic shoes and job boots should be stored on a shoe rack.

Home Office

With more work-from-home opportunities, having a dedicated home office space outside your main house will help you maintain some work-life balance. Even if your commute is just to your backyard, converting your barn into an office will help you build the mental distance you need to keep work and home apart.

Arrange your office furniture according to the location of the outlets, so you know exactly where you’ll be able to plug in your phone and laptop or pc chargers – preferably near a window with natural light. A cozy rug, comfortable chair, and a plant or two will help set the tone for productive days without leaving your home.

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