Flooring To Save On Energy Bills

Most of us are looking for ways to save money where we can and the bills is usually the first place to start. Something we’ve all got to pay for sadly and it’s a very boring! Believe it or not, there are flooring types that can help with your energy bills. Most of us think that carpets are good at insulating heat, but the truth is there are many different materials that will help with the dreaded heating bills.

Although it’s fair to say that carpet is warm and homely, it’s more of a short-term solution. In terms of durability, it doesn’t hold up against choices like laminate and luxury vinyl tiles and will likely show wear after a few years. Wood on the other hand can last a lifetime and is fantastic at retaining heat, due to it circulating heat. This therefore means less heat needed and therefore lower bills for you!

However, if you’re familiar with wood then you’ll know there’s many different types. Your best bet when it comes to insulating is engineered wood, with it being far more affordable and solid and with even better properties. This is due to the nature of the plank construction, as it is made up of materials which are better absorbing heat. Not only is this handy when it comes to your heating bills, but also means you can install under-floor heating which is a highly efficient way to heat your home!

Laminate and luxury vinyl tiles are another good bet. Although not as good at absorbing heat and not as practical, they are much better than carpet and likely to last a lot longer.

Overall, if you’re really wanting to get the most out of your heating bills then wood flooring is the best option. Although it might be a more expensive upfront cost, it does often end up paying for itself.

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