5 Girl Summer Outfit Ideas

Girl Summer Outfit

Looking for summer outfit ideas for yourself or even your daughter? We’ve got you covered. We’re officially in the midst of the warmest weather, so keep reading for some of the easiest ideas for outfits this summer:

1. Dress, Sneakers, and Sunglasses

Summer dressing should ideally be cool and easy, which is why outfits that require less than three pieces are some of the best. This means you won’t be overthinking your looks, but you also won’t be sacrificing style either. The dress and sneakers combo is a simple two-piece option that works perfectly for those oppressively hot days. Chose a bold, feminine print like leopard print or florals for a complete summertime vibe. Add white sneakers, and if you’re worried about the AC blasts, pair the outfit with a cute cardigan or jean jacket.

2. Choose a Jumpsuit

This is another super easy option for those days when you press snooze too many times. Look for a jumpsuit in khaki or denim, and if you’re wearing a cute crop top or bralet, unzip your jumpsuit slightly to show it off.

3. Embrace Denim Shorts

Yes, denim shorts are back in a big way. Consider them like a canvas which you can then accessorize with funky footwear or a cute top, and switch things up with cute sandals or sneakers.

4. Enjoy Long Skirts

There’s something so nice about choosing a long skirt and crop top with a pair of sandals. You’ll feel like you’ve been wandering around Europe, with a breezy skirt flowing around your legs. This is something that travels well for all your vacations.

5. Switch to Cotton Pants

We all love jeans, but when the temperatures are in the 90s, it’s time to say ‘see you soon.’

Instead, choose breathable fabrics like linen trousers or printed cotton pants. Pair them with a cute tank top and choose some stylish mules to take you from brunch to after-work drinks.

Another option? The humble t-shirt. Tuck it into a pair of silky or cotton wide-leg trousers, and choose high-waisted bottoms to make your legs look super long. Add some red heels for some height and a pop of color.

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