How Can I Keep My Slides Last Long?

Hey! Are you fed up with short-lived slides? Well, after reading this article, this would not be a problem anymore. I know you would be thinking, how a slide would look beautiful if I try to consume it for long. You can keep your slides last long and at the same time beautiful. 

There is no doubt that it is not a good idea to spend a lot of money on new pairs of slides every month when you can consume them more than their lifespan. So yeah let us work on that ordinary pair of slides to make them last longer and beautiful.

Keep Them Away From Sun

As many sliders are manufactured by rubber or plastic so it was evident that there is a chance they might shrink under the glazing sun. Shrinking of sliders can cause a lot of differences between the sizes. So if you want your slides to last long with their original size then keep them away from the reach of the sun. Here is DIY that can make your slides safe from sunlight and make them look gorgeous at the same time.

How To Protect Them From The Sun?

    • Get a UV fabric of your own choice.

    • Cover the only part of slides.

    • Cover the straps of slides.

    • Decorate them with stones and other accessories.

These simple, easy, and affordable steps will protect the sliders from the sun in the meantime you can make them look trendy and dead-end gorgeous.

Do Not Let Them Drench

If your slides don’t last long, then one of the reasons would be that you are so careless with their care, and you take them in the water for a prolonged time. So if you protect them from getting drenched they will last way longer than you expected them to last. This point does not mean that you never have to take them in water. You can take them to water but take care of them from getting thoroughly soaked.

How To Protect Them From Drenching?

Here is a way you can take your slides to water without being tensed about their disaster:

    • Get an oilcloth fabric of your own choice.

    • Cover the only part of slides.

    • Cover the straps of slides.

    • Accessorise them with some decorative stuff.

These steps will make your green slides protected from water as oilcloth is waterproof fabric. No doubt everybody hates the drenched sliders then is better to keep them away from water so that they so won’t get frustrated when you step your feet in those slides. The key advice here is to protect them from water.

Invest In Quality

No doubt the quality is an essential part of anything. Try to invest your money in quality slides as they are made up of good quality stuff compared to other cheap quality sliders. If you want your sliders to last long, invest a little more in ones such as Birkenstocks to make use of them than their lifespan. The sliders are not so expensive, so it would not disturb your registered amount of the month do not hesitate to spend money; it will give you a lot.

Repair Before Replacing

Relax! Have you broken your slides? Well, it’s ok you can still use them. You have to spend little bugs in repair those broken sliders from the cobbler store near your house. If anything goes wrong with your slides, you can seek help from a cobbler who will mend your slides and help you keep them last way longer than they were supposed to be.

I hope these points help you give ideas for making your sliders last long not to have to design sliders’ budget every month in this pandemic situation. 

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