How to Detox Your Liver

Detox Your Liver

Most of us could use a detox, however, it can be difficult to know where to start. Your liver is one of the most hard-working organs in your body, which is why it’s so important to keep it healthy. Here’s how you can detox your liver:

Eat Garlic

When we eat garlic, it helps our liver activate detox enzymes. These help break down toxins and boot them from your system. Garlic also contains antibacterial agents which help your immune system fight off illnesses. Whenever possible, choose fresh and organic garlic.

Add Beets

Not only are beets super high in antioxidants, but they can help you work harder in the gym. But when it comes to detoxing your liver, beets help activate those liver enzymes, also impacting your bile. This means your liver can more easily transform fat and toxins into a water-soluble form, and can also absorb   nutrients and healthy fats.

Eat Fermented Foods

If you’re feeling constipated or bloated, you may need to be eating more fermented foods. Sauerkraut, Kefir, kimchi, pickles, all of them help colonize your intestines with gut-friendly bacteria, making life easier for your liver.

Snack on Walnuts

Walnuts are great for your brain, but they’re also excellent for detoxing. These delicious nuts help increase blood flow and circulation, making it easier for toxins to be transported efficiently from different parts of your body to your liver. They’re also high in arginine, which helps your body flush out ammonia and alcohol from your central nervous system and brain.

Drink Coffee

Believe it or not, but studies have shown that coffee is good for your liver, and can help reduce the risk of liver disease by up to 70 per cent. It can also reduce the chance that you’ll end up with alcohol-related cirrhosis.

Limit unhealthy behaviors

While you’re detoxing your liver, it’s a good idea to limit how much you’re drinking. Just a few drinks a day can contribute to liver disease, and alcohol makes it more difficult for your liver to do its job filtering out toxins each day. It’s also a good idea to cut back on the amount of time you spend sitting on the couch. Go for a walk or run, or add strength training since muscle helps you absorb alcohol. Finally, cut out those cheeseburgers and snack on fresh fruits and vegetables. Along with the detoxing foods above, your liver will benefit from a wide range of healthy foods.

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