Tips for Selling Your Home Amid COVID-19

In just a few months, we’ll have been living in the COVID-19 pandemic for an entire year. It’s hard to believe that this time last year, we were spending time with friends and family without having to worry at all. Unfortunately, despite vaccines on the horizon, we’ll have to continue to social distance and stay at home whenever possible for the foreseeable future. If you’re trying to sell your home during all of this, you may be wondering what is and what isn’t possible during the process. Selling during a pandemic is very possible, and top agents across the country have been finding success in doing so. Here are some tips for selling your home amid COVID-19 from top agents!

Choose a Fair Price and Don’t be Hasty

When you meet with your Realtor, likely through video chat or from a distance, work towards coming up with a price for your home that is fair and that is based off of market research. While people are still shopping for homes, they’ll likely be searching for listings that are well within their price range given the unstable economy. The price of your home should reflect the actual value of your home as well as the price of other listings in the area. 

Once you do choose a fair price, don’t waver in your decision by accepting any offer just because it is an offer. Again, it’s important to note that even though our economy has been negatively impacted by the coronavirus, houses are still being bought and sold at a considerable rate. Wait until you get an offer that is fair. 

Go Virtual as Much as Possible

Without the outstanding technology that we have at our disposal, it’s hard to believe how anyone would be making it through this pandemic. Apps like Zoom and FaceTime make video chatting easy and accessible to anyone. Use these video chat services, along with any others, to communicate with your agent, potential buyers, and anyone else involved in the process. Instead of in person open houses, opt for virtual ones that can be done by emailing participants a link.

When you begin to narrow down to more promising buyers, you can either do a distanced tour where both parties are wearing masks or you can ask to do a more detailed virtual walkthrough. Discuss both options with your Realtor as well to see which is better. 

Use Downtime to Get Your Home Looking Good

Time that would have been spent going out with friends and family shouldn’t just go to waste. Use your extra downtime to focus on home improvement projects that will boost the value of your home. Whether this means re-staining the cabinets, installing new hardware, or painting the interior a fresh shade of white, make sure to focus on projects that will be beneficial down the road. We suggest starting outside. Some curb appeal improvements to get your house ready to sell include laying fresh mulch, repainting the exterior, and installing a new garage door. 

Selling your home during a pandemic should be as seamless as selling during any normal year. By abiding by CDC guidelines and local regulations, the process can be safe and painless. Talk to your real estate agent about coming up with a game plan and follow the tips mentioned above. Happy selling and we hope to see you back at the Lively Blog here soon!

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