Top 5 gift ideas for men

Top 5 gift ideas for men

Men can be tricky to buy for. If you’re not sure what to get the man in your life for his next birthday or Christmas present, this post is for you.

Here are the top 5 gift ideas for men:

1. A fitness tracker

If your guy likes to work out, a tracker can be a great gift and will allow him to see his progress. Not only will he be able to track his workouts, distance, calories burned, heart rate, steps, active minutes, and floors climbed, but many will also monitor things like how well he’s slept. Some of them are also water-resistant and can also notify him of calls and texts while he’s on the go.

2. Alexa

Hands-free, Alexa is getting better and smarter all the time. She has answers to more than one million questions, making her both helpful and fun. From traffic to stocks, weather to horoscopes, Alexa is a great way to do everything from listening to music to getting the latest answers to your guy’s most pressing questions.

3. Luggage or travel bags

Perfect for a man on the go, a weekender bag or new set of luggage is likely to be a gift most appreciated. Help upgrade his weekend trips with a durable, trendy duffel bag from Everland Twill or a snazzy set from Ralph Lauren. Your guy will be stylish enough for a first-class trip anywhere.

4. Earphones

If your man is a podcast addict, or simply likes to tune out on his morning commute, Apple’s Airpods may be for him. Not only do they charge easily, but they sound great, and they’re completely wire-free. Of course, if you’re looking for some serious noise-cancelling, you can’t go wrong with Sony’s noise-cancelling headphones which are sure to make you his favorite person (as if you’re not already).

5. A drone

Most guys love the idea of a drone, and if you’re wanting to surprise your man with something he’ll be showing off to all his friends, you can’t go wrong with a drone. While most high-quality drones will cost more than $500, there are also some excellent options under $200, such as the Potensix T25, which is a good way for him to practice flying, without risking a ton of money in the event that he tends to crash.

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