Turn Shatter to Liquid: Vaping Vs Smoking Marijuana

Vaping marijuana concentrates is on the rise. Like when you turn shatter to liquid, people can easily vape the e-liquid through vaporization.

In this article, let’s take a look at the differences in vaping against smoking marijuana concentrates. What is safer between the two methods of consuming weeds?

Vape pens are used to replace nicotine. However, not everyone knows that vape pens can be used to consume cannabis too.

How do the two methods affect the body?

Smoking is bad for your health. Marijuana smoke still contains carcinogens.

But, studies have shown that marijuana smoke doesn’t produce the same harmful side effects as what tobacco smoke does. Heavy cigarette smokers are prone to developing diseases such as cancer and emphysema.

There are two types of vaping marijuana. First is vaping ground buds and the other is vaping cannabis oil like from shatter.

Research is still ongoing on how cannabis affects the body. Although health experts warned that long-term use can also be dangerous to your health.

Vaping and smoking affect the brain almost the same. But let’s take a look at the bigger differences:

It is safer to vape cannabis buds than consume e- liquids.

Vaping is a safer way to consume cannabis compared to smoking. However, consideration should be done to its vaporization.

Smoking ground cannabis plants seem to be safer than vaporizing concentrates like shatter. Cannabinoids in e-liquids can be inhaled without combustion. However, it can be dangerous due to the high vaporizing temperatures like in e-nails.

Another risky part is the chemicals that may not have been properly purged from the concentrates. In turning shatter into e-juice, butane is commonly used to extract cannabinoids. 

If the extraction process is done poorly, some butane may remain in the resin (shatter). Butane is a chemical that can damage the kidney, liver, and even the brain.

When buying e-liquids, make sure that you’re buying from reputable suppliers or vendors. Always ask for lab reports.

Smoking cannabis burns while vaping boils the cannabis liquid.

When you smoke cannabis, you burn the entire cannabis plant including the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds. It seems to be more effective in bringing that strong hit.

In vaporization, you heat the marijuana oil to a high degree of temperature that is usually 430°F (220°C). It boils the cannabinoids and other compounds without the combustion.

The effects of smoking and vaping marijuana can be somewhat the same. However, they differ in the number of psychoactive cannabinoids like CBD and THC present.

Vaping concentrates provides a consistent result.

Over time, vaping cannabis provides a consistent effect. You as the user can easily control the effects of marijuana when you vape than when you smoke it.

To some users, vaping help them to be functional. When they smoke, they can easily get tired and lose that energy.

Smoking cannabis combusts.

Smoking cannabis burns the cannabis plant and all the chemicals present on it. It also burns the paper that holds it.

Combustion brings harmful carcinogens, tar, and other by-products like toluene, benzene, and naphthalene that can result in different respiratory problems such as bronchitis. Vaping causes less respiratory issues. Also, vaping doesn’t cause smoke that stinks to your home.

The vapor produced is cleaner than smoke.

Smoke can be easily detected from far away distance. It can linger for a long time than vapors.

When you vape, you can add flavor into it to provide your desired aroma and taste. It gives a desirable aroma than when you smell the smoke.

When you vape, you can taste cannabinoids and terpenes more than when you smoke. Smoking destroys the aroma and taste.

Vaping has a learning curve compared to smoking.

You need to learn to vape properly. Unlike smoking that is simple and easy. You need to learn how to convert concentrates to turn to liquid, get the right pack and grind, learn to adjust the settings of temperature, and how to inhale properly from the vape pen.

Smoking is easy. You just need to light a joint or bowl.

There is still no strong studies that can back up that vaping is safer than smoking. However, it provides more advantages than disadvantages when compared to smoking weeds.

Whether you vape or smoke weeds, what matters is you know what you’re doing, and you know the side effects that it can bring over the long-term.

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